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how permanent life insurance gives you financial options

Financial Options from Permanent Life Insurance

If you were offered the 'opportunity of a lifetime', would you have the financial resources to take advantage of it? You might, if you owned a permanent life insurance policy.

Most people buy life insurance because they recognize the need to protect their loved ones after they're gone. But permanent life insurance offers more than a death benefit. It can also give you and your family financial flexibility while you're living.

A permanent life insurance policy builds cash value that can provide a source of funding you can use to meet other financial goals. For example, the accumulated cash value could be used to help pay for a child's education, start a business, make a down payment on a home or even supplement your retirement income. Life insurance cash value can be used at any time and for any reason, which makes it a flexible tool you can use to take advantage of any opportunity that may come your way.

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